As a CFUW St. Catharines member, you are part of a group of women who are changing the world for the better. Each year, we work together to fund scholarships and programs that pass along the torch of education and opportunity. Now we have another source of energy that we can use.

CFUW St. Catharines has established a permanent endowment fund. The donations made to the fund are kept forever, and each year the investment earnings are used by CFUW St.Catharines to fund scholarships, bursaries and programs such as the United Way-CFUW Hygiene Kits. As more money is donated to the permanent fund, more will be available each year for funding. We have entered into an arrangement with the Niagara Community Foundation to assist us in managing this program.

Gifts can be funded in a variety of ways, including: cash or cheque, bequests in wills, in memoriam gifts, and donation of investments, such as stocks, and life insurance policies. Since there are many tax benefits to a properly planned gift, members who are interested should discuss this opportunity with a professional advisor and/or a member of the Endowment Fund committee. All gifts will receive charitable tax receipts.

In some instances, it will be possible for members/donors to direct how their gifts will be used, such as a named scholarship. Arrangements for these types of gifts need to be made in advance by contacting the Chair of CFUW St Catharines’ Charitable Fund committee.

By supporting a permanent fund, members can be sure that the light they bring to the world each year through their hard work in CFUWSC will also shine on forever into the future.

To make a donation to CFUW St Catharines Endowment Fund click on the DONATE button below.

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