Welcome To CFUW St. Catharines

CFUW St. Catharines is a local, provincial, national and international organization of women. We are a non-profit group who are committed to the

❖ Pursuit of knowledge
❖ Promotion of education
❖ Improvement of the status of women and their human rights

We are active participants in public affairs, and work in a spirit of cooperation and friendship. We connect women in our community to each other to share friendship, knowledge, resources and networks in order to strengthen communities locally and globally. We share our knowledge and friendship through our specialized Interest and Service groups. With more than 25 areas of interest, our members have fun…learn…and help out in our community. CFUW St Catharines has been empowering women since 1921.

Our general meetings are held on the 2nd Tuesday of each month, September through May.

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