advocacyAs part of a larger, grassroots organization, CFUW St Catharines has, as part of its mandate, a role in helping to advocate for policies at the national and international levels that best represent the values and goals of CFUW as a movement. In the past, CFUW has been successful in bringing our point of view to politicians and leaders in civil society and, when at our most successful, we have been instrumental in generating social change through our strong advocacy stances.

Each year, our Club engages in the process of determining whether to present, to the National Conference, a resolution for debate and also in debating and voting upon resolutions created by other CFUW clubs across Canada. The topics range from the banning of land mines, to support for those living with HIV/AIDS, to eradicating human trafficking, to solving the issue of homelessness. All members are invited to participate in this most interesting and important part of the CFUW’s work.