New Home with Beautiful Backyard Garden

This Gardener transformed the dirt and mud left behind by the home’s builder into a lush retreat using foundational plantings and an assortment of grasses. A carefully chosen palette of flowers provides three seasons of colour and beauty.


Stunning Collage of Hostas, Containers & Hanging Baskets

Like a visit to an art gallery, this garden inspires and invigorates. Onto a canvas of lush and varied Hostas, this Gardener has creatively placed colourful hanging baskets, containers, and alfresco works of art.


Tranquil & Elegant Water Installation

No need to leave the city to find peace and happiness. This Gardener has thoughtfully designed side and backyard gardens featuring a picturesque walkway leading to a stunning pond surrounded by a rockery and stone statues.


Breathtaking Views of Our Garden City

From this garden, one can view both Twelve Mile Creek and Rodman Hall. The Gardener has impressively managed to work with the property’s steep elevation to create a stunning set of gardens on two levels.


Children Welcome Here

Parents and grandparents will be inspired with this child-friendly garden. The Gardener has created enchanting spaces for both plants and children to grow and flourish.



Gardeners’ & Birders’ Paradise

Majestic spruce and cedar trees are the focal points of this peaceful sanctuary. The Gardener’s love for birds, reading, and outdoor entertaining have been carefully and comfortably accommodated in this mature garden.


Another Wonderful Benefit of Condo Life

Many are reluctant to leave their gardens behind as they consider condominium living. A shared love for gardening is illustrated by the residents of this condo development nestled between Lake Ontario and the Welland Canal.


Gallery of Gardens