President’s March Message

CFUW National Resolutions

This year, six resolutions, proposed by clubs across Canada, have been sent to us for our comments by CFUW National. The titles are as follows:

#1: Canada Health Act and Common Application of Medically Necessary Services

#2: Payday Loans

#3: Achieving the 94 Truth and Reconciliation Commission Calls to Action

#4: Climate Emergency – Declarations and Action Plans

#5: Protecting Children from Exposure and Access to Pornography and Sexual Violence on the Internet

#6: Enforcement of the Protection of Communities and Exploited Persons Act.

Our Advocacy Committee, led by Chair Liina Veer, will be meeting on February 26th to discuss these resolutions. Shortly thereafter, their possible suggestions of changes will be sent to all of us. Please keep an eye out for them and settle in for some important reading so you will be well informed before voting on the resolutions at our March 10 meeting. After that, our recommendations will be sent back to CFUW National. If they are approved at the next National AGM, (June 18 to 20 in Ottawa), members at both national and club levels will arrange to meet with elected officials, and make our expectations known. I look forward to taking part in these meetings this year. In addition to supporting our community, such meetings would certainly increase the number of people who know who we are and what we do.

House Tour Promotion

On another important subject, House Tour Co-Chairs Maureen Shantz and Judy Yovanovich and their committee have been working on standardizing our promotional message. The only icon to be used in advertising is the little house shown below:

They have suggested that we all add this logo as a signature to our emails to advertise the House Tour. Although I am one of the most IT challenged members of our club, I decided to give it a try and I succeeded! In your email program, go under settings (often shown as a picture of a gear) and search for signature. You can copy from the logo attachment sent with this newsletter. If you get stuck, try Googling “how to add a signature to email” (naming your program). Keep in mind that the browser that you are sending from, or that people are receiving your email in, can affect the appearance of the house icon. Alternatively, you can use a text-only version as your signature, shown below:

CFUW House Tour
Sunday, May 3, 2020

Everyone who receives an email from you will be reminded of our great event. Thank you for all you do!