May Newsletter

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The UN Commission on the Status of Women is the largest annual gathering of the international women’s movement.This year, the 62nd year, the emphasis was on the challenges for rural women and girls. To read the report by Gail Neff, a CFUW St Catharines member, and one of CFUW’s delegates, CLICK HERE.

March Newsletter

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This month’s featured scholarship recipient is Vanessa Smith, a graduate of the NCDSB Lifetime Learning Centre. As with other recipients, Vanessa wants to give back to the community by tackling mental health issues. To learn more about Vanessa & to view the Newsletter in full, CLICK HERE . . .

President’s March Message

Last year an Ad Hoc Committee worked to restructure our Executive Committee reducing the number of members who would be attending the five meetings from 26 to nine voting positions. The new format created a Chair of Standing Committees with sub committees under their leadership. While there are still 26 members taking leadership positions, only the Chairs are required to attend the meetings while the others are invited to attend any meeting  and are included in all mailings and sharing of reports. The new format is working:  the work has flowed well and the attendance has been good. The meeting room was not bursting and meetings, while lengthy, allowed for good discussion and conclusions. An evaluation of this new format will be conducted in March.

Here are some of the highlights of actions from the January Executive Committee meeting.

¨ Survey re Pre-Meeting dinner: The 2018-2019 program committee will arrange for one pre-meeting dinner where members can come early, enjoy fellowship and a dinner prepared by Father Anton

¨ Ad Hoc Committee on Technology: established and working on various projects

¨ Ad Hoc Committee on Fundraising: There was a suggestion to look at alternative methods of fundraising in addition to our wonderful signature event House Tours. Looking into and safeguarding our future, the Executive approved that we research what other clubs and organization do. If you are interested in joining this group please

contact me (

¨ The club will establish an Instagram account

¨ The Treasurer reported  that things are in good standing and all the bills/dues are up to date

¨ The proposed Charitable and Club Grant Budget was reviewed by the Club Executive and will be voted on by all members at the April meeting.

It was such a pleasure to hear laughter and see smiles at the conclusion of this busy meeting. I invite any member to attend and get to know how it all works…contact me please.

Nancy Ferris-Hostick, CFUW St. Catharines President, 2017-18