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Although our financial responsibility ended in February 2017, many of the 7 CFUW Members from the steering committee continue their involvement with the family as they navigate society in their new country. Our Syrian refugee family continues to flourish and have grown with the addition of a new baby boy – a Canadian citizen.  What a leap of faith they took leaving their families behind in Jordan, going on a plane for the first time, and arriving in  a strange country in the middle of winter. But their leap of faith was also mirrored in the reaction of the CFUW members.  Dedicated volunteers surfaced, the general membership spread the word, and money and items where donated.

Nuha is anxious to return to school in September. Mohammad who is employed full time as a painter, will be taking his drivers test in the fall and is saving diligently for a car.  Rama, at 5 years, has completed JK, enjoyed playing soccer in a summer league and is a lovely little girl who seems to be very bright for her age. Reetaj, at 2 years old is quite a delight, knows her own mind and loves going to the child day care centre. Baby Yazan is happy to be surrounded by family & friends. Altogether the family  is a wonderful addition to St Catharines.

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