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December 3, 2017: 12:30 pm -

Open to all CFUW members. Join us for fun outings by local live theatre, musical, and dance groups. Members plan the event including choosing the performance, and buying & distributing the tickets. The day and time is dependent on the available choices, but we prefer Sunday matinees and may also have a pre-show luncheon. Female guests are welcome when we’re trying to attain group rates.

Contact Pat Paulin & Jean Armitage

2017-18 Lively Arts Outings

Sep 17, 2017 Meet, Greet & Organize
noon - 2pm; The Host Pub & Grill, 106 Lakeport Rd., St Catharines
 Oct 15, 2017 The Welland Canal Play by ECT
2 p.m.; First Ontario Performing Arts Centre
Lunch 12 noon; Krav Fine Grill and Bar, 259 St. Paul St,
Contact: Eleanor Reed, Jean Tonogai, Barb Legg, Betty Reynolds-Moore
 Nov 19, 2017 Fantasy by Appointment, Thorold Community Theatre
2 p.m.; Trinity United Church, 15 Pine Street, Thorold
Lunch: 12 noon; Johnny Rocco's, 271 Merritt Street, St Catharines
Cost $15; RSVP by October 10
Organizers: Mary Jane Waszynski, Carrie Kelly, Marian Lips, Denise Bradden
 Dec 3, 2017 Damn Yankees by Garden City Production
2 p.m.; Mandeville Theatre, 2 Ridley Rd, St Catharines
Lunch: 12 noon, Fresco's Restaurant, Ridley Heights Plaza, 100 Fourth Ave.
Cost: $28.50 + $1.50; RSVP with payment by Oct 31st
Organizers: Donna Cole, Olga Zwozda, Yvonne Stevenson, Anne Marie Stockwell
 Jan 20, 2018 Follies - by Stephen Sondheim, simulcast from the National Theatre in London, UK12:30 pm; Cineplex, Niagara Square, 7555 Montrose Rd, Niagara Falls,
Cost:      $20 Adult; $19 Seniors
Brunch: 10:30 am at Sunset Grill, 7905 McLeod Rd, Niagara Falls (next to Lowes)
RSVP with Payment by January 9   
Organizers: Pat Paulin, Margaret Thibeault, Liz Dejong, Marion Cross
 Feb 25, 2018 Our Lady of Delicias by ECT
2:00 p.m.  Robertson Theatre, Performing Arts Centre, St. Catharines
Cost: $35.00
Lunch: noon; location TBD.
RSVP with payment by Feb.10th
Organizers: Jean Armitage, Myrna Kroeker, Rosalba Martino, Sandra Watson.
 Mar 4, 2018 The Wizard of Oz by The Port Colborne Operatic Society
2:00 p.m. Lakeshore Catholic High School, 150 Janet St., Port Colborne
Cost: $25.00;
Lunch: 11:45 am, TBD
RSVP with payment by Feb 13th to Susan Middleton or Joyce Little
Organizers: Susan Middleton, Joyce Little, Gill Okita, Elinor O’Neil.
 Apr 22, 2018 Key for Two by the Thorold Community Theatre
2:00 p.m. Trinity United Church, 15 Pine St. South, Thorold
Cost: $15.00;
Lunch: noon, Johnny Rocco’s; 271 Merritt St, St. Catharines
RSVP with payment by March 13 to Karen Grognet or Julie Dennis
Organizers: Karen, Julie, Mary-Clare Cavasin
Jun 7, 2018 Menopause the Musical 
7:30 p.m. First Ontario Performing Arts Centre, 250 St Paul St, St Catharines
Dinner: TBD
Cost: $65
Organizers: Martha Abra, Trish Labonte, Nancy Cain, Donna Cunningham
Jun 24, 2018 The Birds and The Bees by Showboat Festival Theatre
2:00 p.m., 296 Fielden Ave, Port Colborne
Lunch: TBD
Cost: $26
Organizers: Nancy Cain, Donna Cunningham, Trish Labonte, Martha Abra

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