Ticket Purchases via Eventbrite
Frequently Asked Questions – FAQ 

If you have a question that is not noted below, please email us at cfuwstcatharines@gmail.com and we will do our best to respond.

Q. How do I buy my ticket on Eventbrite?
A. Simply click on the Virtual Garden Tour button on our website (cfuwstcatharines.org) and you will see a link to purchase tickets. Or, in your browser, go to Eventbrite.ca then, in the search field, enter the title “CFUW St Catharines Virtual Garden Tour 2021” and click on our event from the list to find our Ticket Sales Page. When you purchase a ticket, your email address will be requested as well as credit card information.

Q. Can I buy more than one ticket?
A. Yes, you may buy up to 10 tickets. If you include a different name and email address on each ticket, your guest(s) will receive email notifications and the links they require directly.

Q. Are tickets refundable?
A. No, tickets are not refundable.

Q. Can I watch the videos more than once?
A. Yes. The videos and presentations are available for viewing 24/7 anytime from June 19 through to July 11, 2021.

Q. If I buy a ticket, can I transfer it to another person to use?
A. Yes and No. You cannot transfer it to another Eventbrite account, but you may edit your ticket and put someone else’s name and email address on your ticket. You will no longer receive updates, as the info will go to the edited email address.

Q. How do I get access to the YouTube link, which holds all the videos and the two presentations?
A. Once you purchase a ticket you will receive a confirmation email from Eventbrite and subsequent emails updating you on all you require to view the videos between June 19 – July 11, 2021.

Q. When will I receive the link to the YouTube video?
A. Eventbrite will email you the link on June 17, 2021, two days before the event starts.

Q. Can I buy a ticket after June 19, 2021?
A. Yes, you may purchase a ticket to view the videos until 3 p.m. on July 11, 2021.

Q. Can I make a donation to the Club’s Charitable Fund on the Eventbrite webpage?
A. No, we cannot link directly to the Charitable Fund on Eventbrite; however, our website link has a Donate button where you may make an online donation and receive a receipt (for amounts of $20 or more) immediately from Canada Helps. You may directly donate after viewing any of our videos on YouTube.

Q. Why are we only selling tickets through Eventbrite?
A. The Planning Committee acknowledged early on that during the pandemic only contactless or touchless tickets will be available as a duty of care we have towards the businesses that used to sell hard copy tickets for the House Tours and to our purchasers.

Q. If the ticket is $10.00 why I am paying an extra $1.62?
A. A processing fee is charged by Eventbrite for all ticket sales.

Q. My friends and family are overseas and/or in the US. Can they buy their own tickets? Is there a currency exchange charge to do so? Can I buy their tickets instead?
A. The tickets will be charged in Canadian dollars so, depending upon exchange rates, the ticket price may be a different amount if purchased using a foreign currency.