COBS Bread Ridley Square is offering a “Loaf a Month” Card for club members to sell.  The card is typically sold for $25 with $12.50/card being refunded to the bakery and $12.50/card being retained by the club.  The card is valid for one free loaf of any kind in the bakery every month for a year (12 free loaves).  The purchaser of the card gets to choose any loaf they desire each and every month for a year. The cost per loaf works out to just over $2.50 per loaf with the club earning half that back!
The value of the card depends on what Loaf is chosen but to give you a sense of the value, our white and whole wheat loaves cost $4.60 and our most expensive loaf costs $8.75 so whoever purchases the card could see savings of anywhere from $30 to $80 over the year!

  • The club will initially be given custom printed and numbered cards to sell.  Each card is to be sold for $25. At the end of the campaign, the club will return to the bakery any unsold cards as well as payment of $12.50 for every card sold.(We will have extra cards printed in the event that the club needs more.)The club will determine how best to sell the cards. This letter explains the program and requests that the form be returned with payment to club and then the club distribute the cards directly to the members.
  • Contact Christine Marks if you would like to buy a card.

If for some reason a member accidently loses a card – notify the President of the club immediately. The number on that card will be nullified and not be able to be used unless found. COBS wants this to be easy for you to execute and want to see you raise as much money as you can!

  • The cardholder will come into the bakery every month and will choose any loaf available that day and will get it free of charge. Their card will be stamped at that time and they will not be charged for the loaf. The process will repeat itself every month until the card has been stamped for every month.
  • Families can purchase multiple cards but only one card can be used per bakery visit. To clarify if a family currently buys a loaf of bread every week, they could choose to buy 4 cards and use a different card every week of the month. All we ask is that a customer not walk in with 4 cards at the same time and request 4 free loaves at the same time as we bake small runs and want to make sure we have ample inventory for all our customers.
  • The expiry date is set for January 31, 2024 so purchasers will have ample time to redeem their card.
  • The card is only valid at the COBS Bread Ridley Square, St.Catharines location. If someone misses a month and comes to the bakery in February with a missing stamp for January, we will of course honour the free loaf for January. In the end we want our customers to be happy with us and the fundraiser.

Have a concern?  905-321-8463