Club Executive Committee 2021-22:

President: Maureen Shantz
Past President: Gail Neff
Vice-President: Anne Marie Stockwell
Club Treasurer: Lorna Whitty
Recording Secretary: Linda Thatcher
Chairs of Standing Committees (see * below)

Standing Committees:
Communications Chair: Barb Leslie*
     Newsletter Editor: Anne Bisson
     Photographers: Barb Leslie, Terry Rotella, Anne Marie Stockwell
     Promotions Convener: Denise Papaiz
     Document Storage Librarian: Valerie Parke
     Digital Manager/Website Manager: Mary Jane Waszynski/Pat Paulin
Membership Chair: Christine Marks*
     Membership Database Coordinator: Donna Ottley
     Membership Services: Suzanne O’Callaghan, Ellen Wodchis
     Interest Groups Coordinator: Susan Middleton
Program Chair: Carol Clarke*
      Social Convenor: Vacant
Fundraising Chair: Brenda Dolha*
     House Tour Co-Chairs: Barb Legg, Mary Jane Waszynski
     Silent Auction Co-Chairs: Denise Bradden, Sue Hughes, Pat Paulin
Advocacy Chair: Jean Tonogai*
     Ontario Council Standing Committee Reps: Education: Angie Mannella:
               Status of Women & Human Rights: Joyce Little; Legislation: vacant
     Representative on Niagara Youth Without Secure Housing (YWSH) Committee: Donna Pree
     Niagara District Council of Women: Judy Yovanovich

Other Committees/Appointments:
Archives Chair: Joan Clancy
Committee: Judy Sewell, Pat Waters
Privacy Contact: Diane Wilkinson
Gift of the Arts: Caroline Nolan
Anniversary 100 Ad Hoc Committee Chair: Caroline Nolan
Committee: B. Legg, L. Pringle, J. Clancy, E. O’Neill, MJ. Waszynski, T. Loat, B. Boudreau, B. Matheson
Virtual Platform Committee: Christene Carpenter-Cleland, Carol Dueck, Nancy McAndrew, Susan Middleton, Anne Marie Stockwell

Charitable Fund Trustees:
Chair: Grace-Ann Cambray
Treasurer: Elizabeth Ilnicki-Stone
Education Liaison Officer: Sue Hunt
Club Past President: Gail Neff
Club Vice-President: Anne Marie Stockwell
Member-at-Large: Helen Staal
Member-at-Large: Jean Tonogai
Member-at-Large: Anne Bisson