President’s Message, September 2023

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Welcome back!

On behalf of your Executive committee, a warm welcome for another great year with your club.

Looking back:

Right away, let’s recognize and thank all members, past and present, for their many contributions to the long history of our club. 2022-23 was a very successful year, with a great number of new members joining our club. Was the draw our enticing list of speakers? Sharing time with other dynamic women? Or was it more about our joyful work as a group raising funds for post-secondary scholarships for women and girls and for local charities? The House and Garden Tour and Silent Auction, both highlights of the year were successful as always, and the two new fund-raisers, COBS Bread and the Makers Market, also provided some financial latitude.

Looking ahead:

As we honour our past, perhaps you’ll notice that there’s a bit of a renaissance happening with our club. Please have a look at the Slate of Officers in the Members Only section of our website. You’ll find a great mix of experienced and new (some brand-new!) members continuing the 100+ year traditions of our club. Two first-time club executive committee members are serving this year! Welcome, Diane White and Terry Rotella.

At the National AGM, it was confirmed that while the club’s legal name remains unchanged, our new visual identity (logo and tag line) will offer a distinct, memorable, and flexible first impression of the club. Watch for this coming soon.

Who in your friendship circle would enjoy knowing about this year’s distinguished speakers, special events and interest groups? The Club’s new brochure, our newsletter, and regular updates on our website and social media (Facebook, and the club’s new LinkedIn and Instagram accounts) are the best ways to see what’s coming.

Our first meeting:

Tuesday, September 12th, 2023. We’re all looking forward to seeing you at the bright new location Anne Marie Stockwell acquired for us at the end of the last club year: Trillium United Church – Ruby Carroll Hall. Note the new 7 pm start time with doors open for socializing and refreshments at 6:30 p.m. The sign-up tables for special interests have some new opportunities. Completed enrolment forms with fees submitted by midnight that day will be eligible for the glamorous gift basket draw. Guest Speaker: Mayor Mat Siscoe!

Surprises sprouting up:

Creative new fund-raising ideas for the Charitable Fund’s endowment projects and other club purposes are fermenting which are also aimed at bringing more members together. Some may engage the community and our families as well. You’ll have to just wait and see what’s percolating (or ask Linda Thatcher)!

A bit about me:

When I first moved to town, I knew nobody, and if a neighbour hadn’t suggested that I come out to the meeting I may never have made these friendships that I cherish so much or had the opportunity to work alongside such a great group of fun and fearless women. My goals, as president, are to help our membership get to know more of each other. Strong women make a strong world, and education is the key. I’m keenly motivated to help raise money for this.

The push I needed:

As an introvert and a shy person, being president of our club was not something I ever saw for myself. I wouldn’t have the honour of serving this way without the nudges of several members. A few years ago, when I was still quite new to the club and always hanging around the back door, former president, Heather Hall, asked me what I was looking for here. I quietly answered: “connections, to help others”. She encouraged me to step up saying “you could have those things and grow out of this shyness by coming out to the executive meetings. Here’s the date and place for the first one.” Thank goodness she didn’t hear me say “But I can’t!” And thank you to the others, you know who you are, for also gently nudging me along. I’m very much looking forward to the year ahead with all of you.

P.S. I’ll be calling all of you over the next few weeks to see what moves you and to ask what I can do to help if you are looking to get from, or give more to, our club.