President’s Message, February 2023

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We must be in the middle of winter! It feels so very promising to see the days growing longer and plenty of sunshine. I do admit that especially in my home, the fireplace still has a prominent place.

We have done well this year with our Silent Auction and Cobs Bread club fundraisers. In March we will have our Makers Market which we hope will be a success and be expanded next year.

The Coldest Night of the Year downtown walk is scheduled for February 25. Please contact Brenda Dolha for information and to join this activity.

Our House Tour, which is our main fundraiser for the Charitable Fund is in need of assistance.

This is OUR joint responsibility! Without helpers, we cannot carry out our responsibility to assist students with our awards which has been a mainstay for our Charitable Fund fundraising. Much of the work needs to be done before the actual tour.Mary Jane Waszynski Chairs the House & Garden committee and would love to hear from you. Many hands make light work! Please call as soon as possible! Please remember there are three places you can find out any information you may be seeking:

Our Website is a wealth of information regarding our club. We also post information about activities that are hosted by other CFUW clubs on our Facebook page. As well, we will be placing information about how CFUW National is working with GWI and the speakers they will be featuring. (Click from the front page of the newsletter to access both of these.)

Our Newsletter has all our current information about our local group. It is well organized. Keep it on your desktop and look up the activities or other information you may be seeking. It is the fastest way of getting the information.

Thanks to the Communication team for the time and effort they put into keeping us up to date!

I look forward to seeing you on Valentine’s Day for our next meeting. Doors will open at 7 pm.

Happy Valentine’s Day!