President’s December Message 2022

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Thank you, all of you, our wonderful members, for your fabulous support, enthusiasm and cooperation this year. It’s great to be back in person and see the results of our group participation in the community. To celebrate these wins, let’s take a look at a couple of specifics for which we can all take credit.

How our local group impacted two of the 10 resolutions passed at the 34th GWI Triennial:

– R5: Violence Against Women is being addressed at the local school board level via new policies being set while raising awareness of these new regulations. This is something which we as a group have worked on and advocated. We now have provincial and federal government focus and support, along with tangible legislation. This is a local win!

– R10: Single-Use Plastics and Plastic Packaging is another resolution which we have been practicing for some time and is now also part of a provincial, federal and international government support, along with tangible legislation here in Canada. This is a local win!

Looking at the larger picture, the GWI Triennial General Assembly and Conference was productive! Held November 11 to 13 virtually, it was cohosted by Indian Federation of University Women’s Associations (IFUWA).

Over 300 GWI members from 40 GWI national federation and association countries registered for the event!

The General Assembly voting delegates adopted 10 new policy resolutions, two of which have been highlighted above. IFUWA shared a beautiful cultural experience video which I’m happy to include herewith. Also elected was a new GWI 2023-2025 Board.

We have the great fortune to have:

  • Pat Paulin, Gail Neff and multiple volunteers helping to prepare for our next meeting!
  • Carol Clarke’s leadership of the program committee!
  • A variety of speakers ranging from topical health concerns to investigating crime scene methodology!
  • Enjoyment of our COBS fundraiser, with all of you participating in such an active way!
  • Christine Marks, Maureen Shantz and Ann Chadwick coordinating the sale of the cards!
  • Jean Tonogai keeping us informed about all the events to promote women’s and girls’ rights locally. Note the 16 days of activism we are currently involved in!
  • Michelle DeJonghe expediting our email communications to all. Amazing and much appreciated work.


I look forward to seeing many of you at our Christmas Meeting on December 13 at 5 pm at the Armenian Club on Martindale Road! Merry Christmas!


Submitted by  Anne Marie Stockwell, CFUW St Catharines President