President’s November Message 2022

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Fall is an enchanting time of year. The changing colours and falling leaves of the maple trees enveloped in the seasonal fall breeze and lower temperatures signal change; something we are fortunate to enjoy. The end of another trip around the sun always gives me pause, as I reflect on the past year and upcoming festive months. It’s my hope that these changes bring you both something to look forward to and peace.

Covid continues to impact all of us. Viewing from the positive, the impact enabled some of us to work in new ways, while it allowed others to enjoy a slower more relaxed time at home with family. Regardless, Dr. Hirji reminded us that we must remain vigilant in the context of health, warning us of upcoming waves of the epidemic. With the added threat of the December to March flu season, gearing up for the holiday season will require you to pace yourself, take care of yourselves and protect your families.

While we continue searching for our Fundraising Chair (please consider this role), COBS bread tickets are selling well. We remain focused on attaining our goal of selling all tickets. As a reminder, they are available from Christine Marks or myself, and from Maureen Shantz at the next meeting. Tickets can be signed out for sale.

It would be great to name the Fundraising Chair while simultaneously announcing a COBS Bread sellout in the next newsletter!

Remembrance Day is formally on the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month. Remembrance Day’s importance remains in light of current world events. Again, we think back to those who gave their lives so that we may continue to enjoy the freedom we have today. We remember the families who sacrificed so dearly losing parents, children and friends. Lest we forget!

Looking forward, our December General Meeting will be held at the Armenian Club on Martindale Road across from the firehall. Please notify me if you require a special menu by November 30. We are excited about our Christmas Dinner and the Silent Auction. Check the donation form for drop-off locations of any donations you wish to make. (See page 3 for more details).

And finally, we are delighted to welcome so many new members this year! Together, let’s embrace a real CFUW spirit!