President’s October Message 2022

What a fantastic turnout for our first in person meeting in September! Such excitement and enthusiasm! It was a delight to see so many friends while making new ones as well. There were so many interesting people. The sign-up tables were very busy and members were excited at being able to participate in interest groups and activities again. Let’s keep up the momentum!

Thank you to Maureen Chudyk for volunteering to assist Pat Paulin with the website, and to Michelle DeJonghe who is our new Email Coordinator. Now, we just need you to volunteer if you aren’t already! It would be lovely to have everyone involved, making this a true member-run club! Check the website, find out the area that interests you and contact the chair. They will be pleased to harness your interest for the greater good of all of us.

We will be having a COBS Bread fund raiser starting at our October meeting. Tickets will be $25.00 each and are redeemable for bread over a 14-month period. Since this yummy bread usually sells from $4.00 to over $7.00 a loaf, it’s a great deal! An email fully explaining the COBS Bread Raiser will be sent to each member soon. We have 300 tickets to sell! Our club will receive 50% of the profits! One of our members mentioned she is buying one ticket for each of her children for Christmas. Brilliant!

Many of our members have filled in the membership forms and paid their dues, however not all have responded. Please make an effort to complete your form, pay your dues and contribute to the Club and/or Charitable Fund if you can as soon as possible (and before October 12) so we can update our records and submit our numbers to National and OC.

Don’t forget to bring your own beverage to the meeting.

Let’s work together to make this a very special year for all of us at CFUW!

Submitted by Anne Marie Stockwell, President