President’s May Message

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I have been so pleased by all our club has accomplished this year. I have been energized from seeing an increase in participation of so many members in a variety of committees. The Program, Virtual Platform, Communication, Advocacy, Garden Tour, Membership, 100th Anniversary and Charitable Fund Committees have all grown with new life and new ideas. I believe this is the result of the efforts of three Past-Presidents, Heather Hall, Nancy Ferris-Hostick, and Mary Jane Waszynski, in addition to those of the dynamic and imaginative Chairs. These committees have tapped into the talents of both long- time and newer members resulting in the exciting development of new club operations and initiatives, even during this time of limitations. I want to give a big shout out to you all!

I want to thank Newsletter Editor and coordinator of all email send outs, Anne Bisson, for doing such a magnificent job of keeping us informed and connected during this year of isolation. Thanks also to Elma Kimpel for keeping our spirits up with fun head shots, and to Pat Paulin, Webmaster, for keeping us visible to the community at large.

The past three years have seen great changes in my life as well as changes in the way our club operates. Thank you all for your sustaining support during the tough times. I am confident the new leadership of our club by Maureen Shantz and Anne-Marie Stockwell, bodes well for future accomplishments.