Charitable Fund Update

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Charitable Fund Update – May 18, 2020
from Grace-Ann Cambray, Chair
There are some positive things happening, regarding the Charitable Fund.
Despite the cancellation of the House Tour, monies have already been raised for our allocations for next year. Between House Tour ticket monies being donated, businesses turning their sponsorships into donations, and Spring Fling ticket monies being donated, the Charitable Fund is richer by over $8,000.00. Unfortunately, three of the events to which we give money have been cancelled for this year: the Science Fair, Scientifically Yours and the Niagara Symphony Music Camp. But on a positive note, the Charitable Fund will have $950.00 more for next year.
At the Club Executive meeting held on Zoom April 29, I asked the Club Executive to approve the Charitable Fund Allocations for 2019-2020. Usually this would also be approved by the general membership at the AGM in April. As this meeting did not happen and a date for it is unknown, I asked to be able to dispense our allocations now. The High School Math Awards most often are given out in June. Given the unique nature of the world at present and the uncertainty, I felt that, if the students received the awards in June, it may relieve some anxiety for them. The Club Executive voted unanimously in favour of the Charitable Fund allocations for 2019-2020. Thus all education monies and monies to charities can be given out. Very good news!!
Also approved was the idea to put a line on the membership renewal and new membership forms to ask for a donation to the Charitable Fund. For this donation, a member would receive an income tax receipt. I explained to the Club Executive that this idea had been discussed by the Ad Hoc Committee and that it was also the main form of fundraising for many CFUW clubs. The Club Executive voted in its favour.