CFUW 2019-20 Club Executive Slate

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CFUW Club Executive Slate 2019-2020
President: Gail Neff*
Past President: Nancy Ferris-Hostick*
Vice President: vacant
Treasurer: Karen Grognet*
Recording Secretary: Mary-Clare Cavasin*

Standing Committees:
Communications Chair: Christine Marks*
Webmaster: Pat Paulin
Newsletter Editor: Anne Bisson
Photographer(s): Elma Kimpel, Barb Leslie, Anne Marie Stockwell
Document Storage Librarian: Trish Labonté

Membership Chair: Nancy Ferris-Hostick*
Members Database Coordinator: Martha Abra
Member Services Convener(s): Virginia Cianciolo, Liina Veer, Tammy Morris
Interest Groups Convener: Noreen Vida

Program Co-Chairs: Heather Hall*, Denise Bradden
Social Convener: Helen Coyle

Fundraising Chair: Susan Middleton*
House Tour Chair: Susan Middleton
Silent Auction Co-Chairs: Denise Bradden, Diana Brunton, Susan Hughes

Other Committees/Appointments:
Archives: Joan Clancy
Privacy Contact: Helen Staal
Liaison to 100 Ad Hoc Committee: Caroline Nolan External Liaison to Executive: Charitable Fund Chair: Jean Armitage
Representative on Niagara Youth without Secure Housing (YWSH) Committee: Pat Waters

Ontario Council Standing Committee Reps:
Education: Angie Mannella
Legal: vacant
Status of Women: Joyce Little
Council of Women Rep: Judy Yovanovich

Charitable Fund Executive:
Chair: Jean Armitage
Treasurer: Barb Harris
Assistant Treasurer: Martha Abra
President: Gail Neff
Past President: Nancy Ferris-Hostick
Vice President: vacant
Donation Coordinator: Martha Abra
Members-at-Large: Donna Pree (year 3), Alison Thom-son (year 2), Fran Drabyk (year 1)
*voting members