President’s April Message

This month, my thinking is about the future of our Club. As you can see from the slate of officers which was emailed to you, and presented at the March meeting, there are a few unfilled positions. I have been wondering if offering those positions as co-chairs would make it easier to find willing volunteers. A number of other CFUW clubs use multiple person positions, which makes a lighter load for volunteers. I have been thinking that I would like an “Administrative Assistant” to help me do some of the paperwork for my job as President. The slate will be voted on at the April AGM and I am hopeful that you will give serious thought to what positions you would be willing to share with another member and let Nancy Ferris-Hostick know.

Also, to be voted on in April are the budgets for both the Club and the Charitable Fund, which have also been emailed to you. As you know, the Club is a non-profit organization. As such it can only raise funds for its operational cost by fundraising from members or by raising membership fees. The Silent Auction is one such club fundraising event. Although it started as a club fundraiser, an increasing amount of its earnings are now given to our charitable arm whose mandate is

to support education and local agencies in need. For the last several years, essentially all the earnings of the Silent Auction have been given to registered charities that help local women and children in need.

It was felt by your Executive that our members have come to expect that the earnings would be used for charitable purposes, and so essentially all the proceeds of the 2018 Silent Auction will be given to charities. The next several years, however, are going to be especially “expensive” for the club, with the costs of two National AGMs in one year, and our own 100th Anniversary projects culminating in 2021. Thus, the entire earnings of upcoming Silent Auctions, in December 2019 and December 2020, will almost certainly be needed by the Club to avoid having to draw down our savings to the extent that they won’t be enough to cover an unforeseen shortfall. I hope our members will continue making the next Silent Auctions as fantastic successes as the ones in the last few years. I view all Club activities as ways to increase public awareness of our work of advocating for women and girls.

Finally, National has notified us that a pair of antique IFUW pins, in blue enamel and created in 1924, will be made available to the membership through a draw.  For a minimum of $10, you can enter the draw and help celebrate the 100th anniversaries of both our Mother CFUW (National) and our Grandmother IFUW (GWI) this summer! Please contact me at to have an opportunity to own a unique piece of history.