President’s April Message

Undoubtedly the snow has kept many from getting out into the garden to see the first signs of spring but they are there. And with this the CFUW program year has only a few months left and so our thoughts turn to organizing positions and projects for next year. Being on the Executive (or on one of the committees) is a great way to meet other members and learn…as we age these two factors are important to keeping a healthy brain. We promise that you are not giving up your life to do the jobs: They are what you make of them based on your lifestyle and family needs.

It’s at this time of year that we start to hear about the Ontario Council AGM (May11/12) and the CFUW National AGM (June 23). Once again on the CFUW AGM agenda is a motion to raise the dues.

The motion proposes an increase of $11.00/member with $8.20 of that going to our international organization GWI (Graduate Women International). This will be the third year that a motion of this kind has come before the CFUW membership and the majority of our club has always voted against such a motion.

We have voted against it because we do not believe that GWI is working in the best interest of its members and being fiscally responsible.

We would rather not be a member and have the money stay in Canada to further our national and international projects. When we vote on our 2018-2019 budget the dues increase will be accounted for but wouldn’t it be nice if the motion failed and this matter is finally “put to bed.” The additional money in the increase is for CFUW national and, again, there is skepticism as to how they manage their funds. If you have a comment to make please send it to me.

And it’s also award season! At the March meeting it was a thrill to notify the club that Heather Foss was nominated by our executive for the CFUW 100th Anniversary Notable Women Award for her work in our club and in the community. As well we recognized and surprised the sister team of Marg Thibeault and Pat Paulin who have been chosen to receive the City of St. Catharines Volunteer Recognition awards at a dinner April 10th. As a team they have been the leaders of the Silent Auction and then a list of other club and community activities. Congratulations to everyone.

See you all at the last regular meeting, on April 10th, when you can get your Spring Fling dinner tickets (our last meeting of the year) and the House Tour tickets for our fabulous main club fundraiser.

Nancy Ferris-Hostick, President, CFUW St. Catharines 2017-18