President’s January Message

“Looking Back Moving Forward”

Our 100th Anniversary slogan seems fitting at this time of year. Welcome back from the break in routine that the holiday season affords us. As we turn our attention back to CFUW we are ready to tackle the issues and enjoy the events.

The first half of our CFUW season was filled with activity:

¨ Welcoming and meeting new members

¨ Getting settled into Interest Groups

¨ The Executive learning their new roles and uniting our team

¨ Catching up with members whom we have not seen for ages

¨ Getting immersed in the events and CFUW/GWI business

¨ Responding to being a part of an international organization

¨ Engaging in events in our community that reflect the impact we have through our membership

¨ Listening to and learning from our fabulous monthly speakers

¨ Organizing fundraisers and events.


And now we have slipped into winter and with the change of the calendar the days will start to get longer. The second half of our year:

¨ Spending even more time with members through Interest groups and at meetings

¨ More fabulous speakers each month

¨ The Spring Fling celebration

¨ The House Tour event…when we all come together

¨ Inspiring events like the Coldest Night and the Ontario Council Speakers Series

¨ The nominating team preparing the new slate together

¨ Continuing to be a part of a bigger organization in CFUW/GWI

Please come out to the January meeting to share your stories and hear our speaker…we look forward to seeing you. And if you have gone away please stay in touch and we look forward to your return.

Nancy Ferris-Hostick, CFUW St. Catharines President, 2017-18