President’s September Message

It’s Fall!  Welcome back to routine, to school, and from holidays and cottage life. Welcome back to CFUW. Many of our committees stayed busy throughout the summer to make the coming year interesting and attractive to our new and returning members.

On September 5th our Executive meets for the first time using its new format put in place to help streamline the meetings by reducing the number who must attend from 26 to nine. Only Standing Committees chairs are required to attend the meetings. Standing Committee members report to the Executive through their chairs although they are welcome to attend if they wish. By way of a reminder, every Executive meeting is open to any CFUW member. If you would like to attend a meeting, please let me know.

As we look toward the upcoming year, we focus on the need to once again “Tell Our Story.” I have chatted with long term members who remember how involved we were in telling the community who we are and what we have accomplished. Through community involvement in information fairs, a table at the library or Brock University or through personal contact, we let the community know about CFUW.  This year, we invite you to “Tell Our Story” through visiting our website for information, liking us on our Facebook page and spreading the word at community events through displays and casual chats. The Communications Standing Committee is working on new ideas but need everyone’s help. “Tell Our Story” every chance you get. It’s a theme for this year.

The Program Standing Committee has put together a new brochure and a spectacular speaker’s series. Be sure to share the information with others and invite them to our meetings so they learn about our work first hand.

The House Tour Committee is on fire with this year’s list of houses and activities. Jean and Sharon will update us at the September meeting. Good news!

The Membership Standing Committee will organize us with mailings, member details, and wonderful Interest groups. Please check out the list of these groups as there are new ones plus all our favourites. Tables will be set up at the September meeting for you to visit & obtain information and meet former group members.

I would like to thank the Club for the opportunity to attend the AGM in Richmond BC last June. It gave me a chance to see this great organization from another perspective. We had many positive discussions but it will be another challenging year for us as many of the issues from the last few years still linger. I hope that you have visited our website plus the CFUW National website to stay in touch with these issues. You can click here to connect with CFUW National.

Thanks also to Heather Hall for her leadership last year. What I’m looking forward to the most this year is meeting members and hearing your stories because they are very much a part of the CFUW St.Catharines’ story.

Nancy Ferris-Hostick, CFUW St. Catharines President, 2017-18