CFUW Street Walkers

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Congrats to our CFUW STREETWALKER team, who enthusiastically participated in the February “Out of the Cold” Walkathon ,in support of “Start Me Up Niagara”. This local community agency works with people who are  facing significant life challenges such as addiction, mental illness, poverty, unemployment, and homelessness.

Our 13 member team wildly exceeded our fundraising goal of $2000 by a long shot! We are proud to share our current  total raised—-an amazing $4,795!!! We are very appreciative to all the many CFUW members who sponsored us, both online and on the written Pledge sheet! Your generous response really was heart-warming and encouraged us to soar! Thank you so much! We actually came in first in Canada for CFUW teams, so our Club was represented royally! Another remarkable accomplishment is that SMUN has now  raised $97,600 so far, with this local Walkathon! Special thanks go out to Jan & Bob Tanouye who provided our team with backup support and guidance!

To our amazing STREETWALKER Team, it was a pleasure to be in your company! Please join me in congratulating each of these caring ladies: Donna Pree, Yvonne Stevenson, Jean Tonogai, Kim McClay, Susan Pruyn, Noreen Vida, Liz DeJong, Susan Hughes, Maureen Shantz, Virginia Cianciolo, Angie Mannella, and Yours Truly….Mary Anne DeRoy (Team Captain)