President’s November Message – We Remember

For many of us the experience of war is something we have read about or heard from a family member, friend or veteran. On Remembrance Day, a Club member proudly lays a wreath and takes part, along with military & community members & leaders, in the touching ceremony to honour those who sacrificed their lives so that we may live in peace. Thank you, Joan Clancy, for participating in 2015 Remembrance Day services at the St. Catharines Cenotaph on behalf of our Club.

I participated in a President-to-President call with Doris Mae Oulton and Robin Jackson, Executive Director, CFUW National. They wanted to ensure our Club was aware of the following:

  • Doris praised CFUW St. Catharines effusively for hosting the National AGM in 2016. She was so pleased with the progress and planning made to date on the AGM in partnership with CFUW National staff and associates. Doris commented on how attractive the logo design by Beverley Boudreau is, and how wonderful it is Beverley is active in our Club again. These are sentiments we all share.
  • Doris was interested in AODA guidelines for accessibility which Pat Paulin, Mary Jane Waszynski, and I have ensured
    are part of our new CFUW website contract in preparation for compliance with legislation in 2021.
  • Club members are asked to participate in the Discussion Forum – CFUW and GWI (formerly IFUW) – Our Relationship
  • CFUW Ontario Council advised that The Gender Wage Gap Strategy Steering Committee is consulting Ontarians on
    how to close the wage gap between men & women. CFUW Ontario clubs are strongly encouraged to participate in the
    town hall meetings in their communities. The date for St. Catharines meeting is to be confirmed.
  • Club members are asked to consider very carefully the type and level of support they will give to a fundraising
    proposal to help give a Syrian Refugee Family (SRF) a new life. A discussion of the SRF proposal will take place at the
    November 10 general meeting. Please see more about the initiative in this newsletter.
    Thank you Marge Stark and Linda Emslie for hosting a warm welcome reception for new members and the Executive
    on October 27.

I’d like to give special thanks to Martha Abra for taking on newsletter preparation & distribution, in addition to all the
other things she does to support our Club.

Marilyn Wallace, CFUW St. Catharines President 2015-16