President’s Message – Gratitude for CFUW St. Catharines

As members have expressed interest in feedback from our award recipients, I am delighted to share some of the heartfelt thanks made by students over the summer.

“Thank you for choosing to award me the Canadian Federation of University Women award. This recognition means a great deal to me. I would also like to thank you for the money, this will surely help with the cost of books and tuition for next year, I am so grateful to have people like you who work for wonderful organizations like yours to help young female students and encourage them to get a postsecondary education.”

“I am grateful that I will be able to continue studying mathematics at the University of Waterloo this fall…this scholarship will certainly help me financially.”

Your “generous scholarship and award… will be put to great use as I continue my education at the university of Western Ontario studying chemical engineering”

“Your gift of monetary support… will be well used as I pursue a degree in biology at the University of Waterloo…”

“This award is not only a pleasant acknowledgement of my hard work throughout the past school year, but will also be a great financial aid for my upcoming university journey.”

I am also pleased to share my gratitude for the support of many CFUW Executive & colleagues, as I learned about my role as President, and participated in a variety of Club operations. Highlights of progress made on significant projects include:

  • Pat Paulin’s skillful leadership in the selection processes for a software program and a vendor for our new website
    redesign, along with secure online file storage, that will enable enhanced access to digital Club information.

  • Helen Staal’s substantial contributions to the development of draft Privacy Policies to ensure due diligence in Club personal
    information collection, use & storage, and to the revision of draft Constitution & Bylaws made necessary by CFUW National
    Policy changes.

  • Monique DeJonghe and the 2016 AGM St. Catharines Committee’s plans are well underway.
  • Jean Armitage and the Program Committee have worked diligently to line up excellent speakers & entertainment for the
    upcoming year.

I hope you enjoyed summer whether you took a break from CFUW activities, or continued to participate, as I did, in
some interest groups such as movie night, gourmet, book club and golf, usually followed by relaxing on a patio. In my
experiences, the fun side of CFUW activities, while giving back to the community or to our Club, has always been
accompanied by intellectual fire and camaraderie.

Welcome back, everyone, to a full fall program of CFUW educational and charitable activities. Please invite potential
new members to join us at the September meeting to hear a stimulating speaker, meet friends and sign up for amazing

Marilyn Wallace, CFUW St. Catharines President 2015-16